Additional Information About 11 Rockland Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

11 Rockland Ave, Arlington, MA 02474
11 Rockland Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

11 Rockland Ave, Arlington, MA 02474 is a single family home for sale, and has been listed on the market for 1 day. 11 Rockland Ave is in the Brattle neighborhood, which has a median listing price of $1,239,000. The median listing price for Brattle is 3% less than Arlington at $772,000, and 88% greater than MA at $395,000. Nearby neighborhoods like Arlington Center, Arlington Heights, East Lexington, and East Arlington have a median listing price of $744,000. The schools near 11 Rockland Ave include M. Norcross Stratton Elementary School, Ottoson Middle School, and Arlington High School, which are all in the Grade School: Stratton, Middle School: Ottoson, and High School: Ahs district. There are similar and nearby single family homes for sale include 140-142 Medford St Unit 140, 20 Nourse St, and 143 Wright St.

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